Em (she/her)

Emily Ghassempour reading books to children

I’m Em, Co Founder of Books for Change

With 15 years experience of working on local community engagement projects, as well as a background working at the UK’s leading children’s Theatre ‘The Unicorn‘ I naturally fell into the front facing role, initially as storyteller and now as Children’s Anti Racism Educator.

As the campaign has evolved, the opportunity to share diverse and inclusive children’s books, is one that is not only hugely important, but is absolutely necessary if we are to see any changes, in the world in which we all live.

I am a bi-racial woman with strong Iranian roots. I draw on my families history and culture, and share our lived experiences in the hope to empower children and adults to become anti-racist human beings.

Every single one of us has a story, and every single story, has the power to make change.

In Love and Solidarity


Wendy (she/her)

Wendy reading books for children

I’m Wendy, Co Founder of Books for Change.

Motivated by Black Lives Matter and the call to organise, mobilise and educate, I called Emily with the idea of getting more books with diverse representation of race, LGBTQI representation and disability for our children’s school.

Once I started looking at the stats around representation in books, it motivated me further. Every child deserves to be able to see themselves in a book, we know how important it is, from the work Emily is doing in schools.

But why stop at just our school, what about the town? Turns out others saw the need for this too, parents, grandparents, local businesses, librarians, teachers, headteachers, have sent support and offers of help. I have supported campaigns to start up by creating a step by step toolkit guide which you can find here.

Because in the end, if we don’t work together to bring about change, who will?

In Love and Solidarity