Here is what parents and teachers have to say about our workshops:

Anti Racism Workshop:

Anti Racism Workshop

‘I attended the workshop with my children and one of the things we learnt about ourselves was that even though none of us considered ourselves racist, sometimes we do things that are racist without meaning to. I think the workshops are a good start, especially if you don’t have lived experience’

– Local Parent

‘We watched how the children interacted with Emily, and how important it was that all the children were able to find their own skin tone so they could accurately draw themselves and colour themselves in. Not one single child was left out, not one single child could not find their skin tone from the resources Emily brought with her. Afterwards I went straight off to order skin tone crayons for every class in the school, the children were so excited when we handed them out over the next few days – Thank you for your important work’

– Headteacher, Morehall Primary.

‘Books For Change has been both enlightening and empowering to both myself and the children I work with. To see the joy in a child’s face when they finally see themselves in a book, or to watch them partaking in a march about climate justice, feeling that they have a voice that can be heard has been truly amazing to see. Be the Change…books for change are really and truly doing this, and we all have a part to play to join them! I hope to work much more with you in the future…’

– Educator/Facilitator Locavore Community Garden Project.

‘ I really believe your work is amazing. The workshop around race stopped me in my tracks, but you supported all of us and made it safe for us as a family to be able to talk about racism and race and not feel scared. I can’t thank you enough for that. Now at home I feel able to talk about racism much more with my children, we start the conversation by saying ‘remember the books for change workshop’ I would never have had these talks because we are a white family and I felt like my children were too young and I didnt know how to start it all off. I am so glad we came. They are never too young and I am never too old’

– Claire, 45 year old parent to two children 5 and 7 years.

‘I first met Emily when she attended (with her children) the beach school sessions I help run with Rachel of Holdfast Beach School. Since this time, with Wendy, she has gone on to found Books For Change. Emily went on to bring and read to our beach schoolers, a beautifully diverse and inclusive selection of books provided by Books For Change. If you want someone to bring the magic of books to life and have impactful discussions about them, then working with Emily is a must.
Due to the privilege of having worked with Emily in this way, I myself have been able to borrow so many beautiful books to share with my own child. In doing so, it has enabled me as a parent to reassess the books we have at home, remove any promoting negative harmful biases and prejudices and to replace and enrich our reading with much more diverse, inclusive, historically correct and celebratory books. I cannot thank Emily enough for what her and Wendy continue to do.’

– Kirsty, beach school assistant and local parent.